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22nd Mar 2011

6:00pm - 8:30pm

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Kit & Kaboodle Supper Club

35 Darlinghurst Road
Sydney NSW 2000

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    In our industry, keeping up with the most followed bloggers, vloggers and tweeters is just as important as knowing the current newspaper COS, magazine editors and TV and radio producers.
    With their power to change perceptions in an instant, few brands can afford not to consider them when planning communications strategies.
    Our March 22nd Online Influencers event will host a panel of three social media experts and online opinion leaders: Natasha Hanckel-Spice (Digital Analyst, Ogilvy PR's 360 Digital Influence Team), Brenda Gaddi (Founder of Aussie Mummy Bloggers community, Aussie Bloggers Conference and Mummytime blogger) and Emily Fang (Editor and Stylist of fashion blog Little Black Book).
    Our event will cover:
    • What defines an online influencer - and how to identify the right ones for your brand
    • The rules of blogger outreach
    • Creating engaging online experiences
    • Measuring results
    • The mummy-blogger phenomenon

    More about our panelists:

    Natasha Hanckel-Spice will talk about Ogilvy's Blogger Outreach code of engagement, which is currently under review. First developed in 2007, the code addresses issues such as common pitfalls , blogger irks and differences between Australian and American sites. 

    Brenda Gaddi will talk about her work consulting to businesses about mummy bloggers, and what mummy bloggers want! She will also discuss the outcomes of her Aussie Bloggers Conference (being held March 19). 
    Emily Fang, the award-winning blogger and stylist behind Little Black Book, will talk about her experiences covering major events such as Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and working with brands such as Sportsgirl (whilst juggling university). She will also share her tips for discovering the 'next big thing' online.

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