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Tuesday 23rd September 2014 03:37pm
By Networx Sydney

Digital Marketing 101, held at the New Hampton Hotel on Tuesday 23 September, featured two industry leaders discussing some of the biggest campaigns in the digital marketing scene.

The event format was slightly different from our question and answer style panel, with our speakers presenting case studies and sharing with the audience the steps they took to create some award winning campaigns. Our expert speakers included Aden Hepburn, Managing Director and ECD at VML Australia and Grant Stewart, Senior Planner in CRM and Data at Mercerbell.

Aden is a digital marketing guru, heading up a team of creatives, technologists, strategists and user managers at Australia’s fastest growing digital agency – VML Australia. Aden discussed two Cannes Lion Award campaigns, going into great detail about identifying the problem, coming up with a solution, creating some outstanding ideas and bringing them to life. Aden’s first case study was the RipCurl GPS Watch and Digital Platform, which he said was created in order to revolutionise the surfing industry. After researchingRipcurl’s biggest competitors, including Billabong and Quiksilver, the VML team noticed a significant drop in profits across the surfing brands. Aden was able to identify this as the problem and come up with a digital solution that would set the brand apart from its competitors. Big ideas come from solving big business problems states Aden, in this case the big idea was the GPS watch and the Ripcurl smartphone app and website. The GPS watch tailored specifically to a surfer’s needs allowed for statistics to be recorded and shared among Ripcurl’s digital platforms. Enthusiasts were able to share their achievements and compare these with other surfers, revolutionising how customers interacted with the Ripcurl brand.

Aden also briefly explained the Missing Person’s Pre Roll campaign, whereby his teamutilised the platform YouTube and were able to customise content to target specific people. By utilising YouTube’s unavoidable advertisements, a Missing Person’s banner was created to focus viewers attention on the skip button. Creatively, instead of having one option to skip, the banner had two options and the viewer could select a “Yes I have” or “No I haven’t” seen button. The banner was seen by 1.2 million people during Missing Persons Week with 238 viewers clicking Yes I have. The unique use of YouTube allowed the campaign to broaden their reach and accuracy and even soved two cold cases!

Watch the Missing Person's Pre Roll here:

Aden’s tips for creating stand out campaigns were to never give up on an idea you truly believe in and to ensure that the right product is developed for the appropriate audience.

Our second speaker for the night was Grant, a senior planner at Australia’s leading customer experience agency Mercerbell,   and an expert in all things data and digital. He explained how data driven marketing can be applied to campaigns including Toyota, Foxtel and David Jones.

The challenge Foxtel faced with their What’s On newsletter was lifting engagement in order to increase usage. He explained that the solution to the issue was to collect data from the customers in order of preferences and passions and create relevant, engaging content for each individual. Using content that linked to the user’s preferences resulted in a 47.3% increase in open and click throughs. Grant’s next example, Toyota, saw his team facing the challenge of converting prospects with a known PID (Perspective Intention Date) or in simple terms, converting views into sales. He challenged us to test and learn in order to understand what does and doesn’t work. For Toyota, he stated that the test and control approach worked best leading to an impressive 30% increase in sales! Lastly, Grant talked us through the challenge David Jones faced to increase relevancy, frequency and spend of different customer segments. He took data from stores around the country and used the findings to digitally market to the consumer. He advised us that there is no such thing as an average customer and we should invest time in understanding customer segments.

We would like to thank our guest speakers who shared some valuable information about the digital marketing industry. Thanks to all who attended the event at the new venue and we hope to see you at Networx in November.


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