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Tuesday 19th August 2014 11:27am
By Networx Sydney

This month’s Networx event, held on Tuesday 19 August at the York Keller, featured a panel of media experts from various backgrounds discussing the latest arrivals on the Australian media scene. Our panel consisted of Duncan Campbell, National Content Director at ARN; Julie Duff, Director of Content at Healthy Me TV; Alyx Gorman, Editor of The Glow and David Hovenden, Editor-In-Chief of B&T.

The panel agreed that in order to keep up with new media, we, as PRs and marketers, should be getting to know and understand the media we are pitching to. The coffee catch up is definitely not dead, with our panel stating they actually appreciate when we take time for a face-to-face meeting rather than a phone call.  We should also be looking carefully at what our clients or brands have to offer the media – whether that be purely content, celebrity ambassadorts, investment or a social media footprint – to consider how we can best work with them. 

Duncan Campbell offered unique insights into the Australian radio industry, taking us through the launch of KIIS 106.5 and the rebrand of WSFM’s Classic Hits and Gold Stations. Duncan stated that a challenge for these stations is creating content that migrates onto digital platforms. He described the importance of keeping the conversation going beyond the radio and creating a ‘wide social footprint’ to drive additional listeners. He provided the audience with some key pointers on how we can get our clients on his stations, explaining that we should offer unique content that is entertaining, invest time in understanding the platform and become familiar with deadlines and timeframes of the media you are targeting.

Julie Duff discussed the focus of Healthy Me TV as a video focused ‘souped up’ YouTube platform. Julie said that the channel’s primary function is getting views on the video content that they create, and descubted Helathy Me TV as a broadcaster rather than a publisher.  Julie also commented on the success of arrangements that are mutually beneficial – and provided examples of brands who have provided access for Helathy Me TV to their audiences. For those of us who would like to work with Healthy Me TV, Julie recommends that we plan far in advance – more than four weeks out - as there is far more lead time for video content.

After launching The Glow just under a month ago, Alyx Gorman shared insights into how the media scene is changing and how PRs can adapt to this change. The site is already a success, with 21,000 unique browsers a day – much larger than the predicted 6,000! She explained that her site is different from other lifestyle and beauty publications as they target and create content for all age groups. Drawing from her experience in the online space, she provided a few key pointers to get our pitches across the line. Knowing how to use email and technology, including the ability to send high res images and video content efficiently is essential, according to Alyx. Her next tip was to share the love! Establishing a good link between the social media channels of your client and the media or brand you wish to work with widens the potential audience.

After successfully re-launching B&T’s print edition and online site, David Hovenden described what he was looking for when it came to content. 66% of online content on B&T is now user driven. We should however be mindful of the content we do submit, as David suggested that long headings just don’t cut it. The print edition offers its audience the latest in trending news, with David stating that just as we are becoming aware of something, B&T already want to have an article in front of you. If we want content in the long lead publication, his tip was to suggest clients that we look after and could work well with B&T, rather than pitching a specific release or story angle. This way  journalists will have you top of mind when something relevant comes up.

We would like to thank the media panel and our guests who attended last nights Networx. The discussion certainly opened our eyes to the changing new media scene!

Our next event, Digital Marketing 101, will be at a new venue – the New Hampton Hotel, Potts Point on the 23 September. 


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