What Media Want Event

Monday 27th August 2012 03:44pm
By Networx Sydney

Our latest Networx event; ‘What Media Want’ (August, Kit & Kaboodle) focused on the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ that marketing and public relations professionals need to remember when pitching stories to media.

The panel included: Producer of Nova 9.69’s Fitzy and Wippa Show, Tom Ivey, A Current Affair Producer, Lisa Brown, Editor for The Australian Financial Review’s Life & Leisure Magazine, Katarina Kroslakova; and Kate Calacouras, Afternoon Editor at News.com.au.   The speakers gave insights from personal experience in their respective industries on the best and the worst of media pitching, sharing tips from the perspective of someone receiving countless pitches every day.   It was great to hear Tom Ivey’s interesting experiences as a radio producer as he explained the importance of making your pitch interesting and creative, saying no matter how dull the product may be it is important to catch the attention of the person you’re pitching too.    Whilst Lisa Brown, of A Current Affair, examined how important it is to know the format of the show that you’re pitching to, including; the style of the show, the type of content they usually produce and the time of the day they air their program.   Katrina Kroslakova shared some stories of light hearted rivalry when she highlighted the importance of being up front when you are pitching to multiple media outlets. She also said there was nothing media outlets loved more than when they received an exclusive story pitch.   Some more great advice came from Kate Calacouras when she reminded our networkers to think of the little things like the time of day that you choose to send you pitch, keeping in mind when the editors or producers need to have their stories ready for print or ready to air.    The night was a success with professionals from a number of agencies taking the chance after the Q& A session to discuss the night’s topic with our speakers one on one, gathering expert tips for pitching in the future.           
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