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Tuesday 6th May 2014 10:01am
By Networx Sydney

Social Media Now was held at the Shelbourne Hotel on Tuesday 6th May. Our panel of industry experts consisted of Pauline Linton, Social Media Creative at Edelman; Lorraine Murphy, Founder and Head of Relationships at The Remarkables Group; and James Fitzgerald, Program Director at Social Media Knowledge (SMK).

The panel offered a range of insights into the role of social in the marketing mix and the latest innovations in the digital landscape. They discussed relevant case studies, and provided tips on social media strategy for brands with big spends, to those with limited budgets.

The panel agreed that there is currently a content overload in social media channels and that to stand out and to obtain cut through in the news feed, you need to add value for the reader - or as Lorraine put it, to consider the ‘gift’ you are giving the reader – whether that’s a great story, images or tips. The panel also agreed that it’s important to consider how brands can best adapt to each channel, who you’re trying to reach, and what your key objectives are – particularly in evaluating success of any social campaign.

Pauline Linton noted that the biggest change in social media over the years has been the increase in ad revenues and sponsored content. Her two biggest tips on social were to integrate social across the business, and to be prepared to engage with your followers – even on difficult topics. Her tip - if you don’t want to have a conversation with your followers, don’t be on social media! Pauline’s last piece of advice was to experiment with content, not always just with distribution – stating if anyone else can post the same thing- re consider your post! Remember that you want your posts to be relevant and engaging for your audience, but most importantly add value to a newsfeed.


Lorraine Murphy shared her extensive expertise in establishing and maintaining successful, and authentic, blogger brand relationships. One of the topics that came up was PR pitching to bloggers, and Lorraine’s top tip in this area was to nurture the relationships that you have with bloggers. Create a personal link between their work and what your brand wants to offer, rather than pitching a generic release and hoping it will catch their interest. Most of all – know the blog of the blogger you would like to work with! Lorraine emphasised the importance of establishing key objectives before launching into a campaign, and noted that while ‘engagement’ is often cited as being key – there are a range of degrees in how to measure this, including looking at how long readers spend on a blog post.


James Fitzgerald of SMK spoke about the ways that brands can use social media channels and differentiate themselves from other businesses. He commented that the days of using Facebook as a means of free marketing, have come to an end, and in order to utilise the channel it is critical to have engaging content, but also to often have spend behind it. While there may be some brands with content engaging enough to obtain organic reach, a number will struggle without spend. James commented that Facebook is a competitive market with over 25 million businesses using the platform, and this has caused a shift from focusing on content and instead strategising on how to best distribute it. However- he also noted that Facebook is still the biggest social media platform with huge potential.


The discussion was an interesting one, with a consideration of social media now, from three different perspectives. We look forward to seeing you at our next event, Strategising Outside the Box, on Wednesday 11 June.


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