Maximising Media Coverage

Wednesday 5th February 2014 03:26pm
By Networx Sydney

The first Networx event of 2014 was held at the Burdekin Hotel on the 4th February  and featured a panel of media experts who shared tips on how we, as PRs and marketers can best work with the media to maximise media coverage.   The panel included Helen Trinca, Managing Editor at The Australian; Lucy Cousins, the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of Dolly and Cleo magazines; Matt Simpson, Senior Producer for the new Breakfast with the Stars show on 2DAYFM; and Cathy Murray, Senior Producer for The Today Show.   The panel discussed strategies for approaching the media, common mistakes that can hinder the success of a pitch, and top ways to capture the media’s attention.   All agreed that understanding the publication or show that you are pitching to will help your pitch to stand out, and increase the chances of your story being covered. A relationship of trust between PRs and journalists is also important to develop and to nurture.   As Managing Editor at The Australian, Helen Trinca joked that the best relationship between PRs and journalists was a long distance one! More seriously, she commented that we should remember that print remains important in the industry for a large number of people. She suggested that as PRs and marketers, that we pick up the paper and read the section we’re pitching to, and to be knowledgeable and confident with the story or product we are pitching.   Lucy Cousins shared her view that in the future, magazines will increasingly share editorial teams. She describes a ‘hate, love’ relationship between journalists and PRs, telling us that she hates being inundated with emails that are not relevant, though she loves receiving good information. Some of her top tips were to pitch to the relevant writer and to CC the editor, to be upfront about wanting to have a product mentioned within a story, and to use great, high quality images that look so good, the magazine will be tempted to create a space for them.     Matt Simpson recommended that PRs and Marketers act as sponges – soaking up everything that is going on and being aware of what people are talking about. Not only will this make pitches much more informed, but the Breakfast with the Stars show is all about the hot topics of the day. Matt commented that one of the new trends on the show is to get the presenters out of the studio to have events to talk about on air, and invited pitches on this – if you want to put something forward!   Cathy Murray shared insights into what type of stories are of interest to producers at the Today Show, stating that they need to have broad appeal on a national scale. Cathy commented that the best mode of contact is email, ensuring that points are clear and concise, and that you can deliver on what is being offered. She also recommended that PRs brief their interview talent to include the product or brand within their interview, rather than expecting the presenters or show to be responsible for this.     These were only a few of the fantastic tips and advice offered by our panel for this event and we really thank our media experts for their time.   

We look forward to seeing you at our next event on event marketing, which will be on 25 March. 


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