Superstar Bloggers

Thursday 19th March 2015 01:36pm
By Networx Sydney

As the traditional media landscape continues to shift with even more emphasis being put towards online and blogging, communications professionals can be left wondering…what we can do to maximise this powerful medium? How can we best engage with bloggers?

  Our Tuesday 17 March Networx event, Superstar Bloggers, which was held at the Shelbourne Hotel, allowed us to enter the minds of three blogging experts. Our guest panel included Nuffnang’s Managing Director Felicity Grey, Beauty Vlogger Chloe Morello and, Mister Weekender’s Travel Writer Jaharn Giles.   Having the opportunity to learn from and mingle with these blogging geniuses, took us on journey into the dynamics of blogging. The panel of guest speakers really said it like it is! This honesty highlighted the integrity that surrounds these individuals and respectively, their blogs and organisations.    In many ways, this Networx event cast a spotlight on the ability that bloggers have in directly influencing readers, shifting consumer opinions and driving word of mouth for a brand. Blogs have undeniably become one of the most powerful tools in today's marketing mix, and they are on the rise! Our panel reflected upon the following topics:   How do you work with bloggers?   Nuffnang’s Managing Director, Felicity Grey, maintained that Nuffnang is about connecting bloggers with brands. One of the many ways through which bloggers and brand collaborate is through sponsored posts. Here, the brand will give Nuffnang 5 key messages for the blogger to base their post on using their own words and tone.     How can communications professionals work with bloggers in an effective way? What should they know before they approach you?   1) Understand that bloggers are all about authenticity! Felicity Grey stated, “…bloggers have these engaged, loyal readerships, so they really connect with their audience.” 2) Readers come first. If your product or service doesn't suit their readers, chances are, they won’t review it.  3) A blog just does NOT work if it looks like an ad, Chloe underlined this in saying, “…people would just watch telly if they wanted to see that.” 4) Bloggers do NOT want to be bought. They want to collaborate with brands and build long- term partnerships.  5) Don’t be pushy! Do your research and understand their blog.  6) If you want the biggest bang for your buck, ask for the blogger’s view on how they think your brand could best integrate with their site.  7) Bloggers aren’t journalists! When a PR sends a pitch that they would send to traditional media, the blogger won’t understand where you are coming from. There needs to be an element of equal exchange. If you want a blogger to write about something, allow them to trial the product or service.  8) Select your top 10 bloggers for your brand and build a relationship.      Our panel also provided some handy tips for aspiring bloggers! It was revealed that key to any successful blogger is to LOVE what you’re writing about, create shareable content that is geared towards educating and inspiring and, use social media channels daily!   So there you have it, insights from the best in the biz. The tips and advice provided by our panel gave guests a better understanding on how to navigate the blogosphere and communicate with bloggers.     Double Edge PR   Telephone: 02 9957 1352   Email: