Strategising Outside the Box

Wednesday 11th June 2014 09:06am
By Networx Sydney

Strategising Outside the Box, held on June 11 at the Spice Cellar, featured an expert panel discussing their insights and tips on creative thinking and unlocking the creative potential of your agency or brand.

Our industry experts included Gary Bertwistle, author and founder of the Ideas Vault; Vaughan Kerr, director at 31st:SECOND; and Dan Geaves, Creative Strategy Director at Marlin Communications.


The panel agreed that in order to nurture our creativity, we must step away from our usual routines. We need to be in new places such as the park, on the couch, or event at the pub, to exercise our minds and to escape the ‘business’ and routine of  normal working habits. 


Gary Bertwistle offered unique tips derived from his passion and drive for helping people to think differently about their life and business. Gary believes that emotion and passion drives creativity - with the not for profit sector and sustainability being two sectors where creativity thrives. Boardrooms, email and work meetings don’t promote creative thinking. Gary encouraged us to get off technology and to take time out to think. He suggested finding a creative hobby outside of work, as the connections we draw from other activities often lead us to some great, out of the box ideas.


Vaughan Kerr shared his experience as a Director at 31st:SECOND and the ways that he encourages creative thinking within his agency. His mantra is to stop, think and get out of your environment. To get creative, he suggests immersing yourself with the category or the consumer your brand is involved with. Vaughan is also a big supporter to taking the client on the creative journey, and working in an entirely collaborative way. Although he thinks of himself as a ‘suit’ as opposed to a creative, he stated that creativity has a valuable place within business and will always help make the team feel more involved and passionate about coming to work. It’s a great feeling seeing your own idea successfully unfolding in your client’s next campaign.


Dan Geaves spoke about his work at Marlin Communications, an agency that specialises in not for profits, and works with 27 Australian organisations. Dan emphasised the importance of trust within the creative process. When brainstorming he says it’s important to get every idea out of your head, no matter how worthless it may seem. His tip to us was to create conditions where the team feels safe to put forward any ideas, as this is the process whereby a truly creative idea can emerge. 


We would like to thank everyone who attended, especially our fantastic speakers who offered some valuable insights on creative thinking!


Join us for our next event, ‘Joining Forces’ at Crinit’s Woolloomooloo on Tues 8 July. 


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