Thursday 6th August 2015 04:09pm
By Networx Sydney

Storytelling was the topic of our recent Networx marketing event, held at Hotel CBD Sydney. It featured a panel of industry experts who shed light on the importance of Storytelling, as well as how to engage consumers with created content. The discussion ranged from tips on pitching to media, insights on the evolving digital media platforms and how this is changing the nature of storytelling.

The speakers included Ian McClelland, the Managing Director of Guardian Australia; Emily Kerr, the Digital Managing Editor of Young Women’s Titles at Bauer Media, and Amy Wagner, the Public Relations Manager of Blackmores.

Storytelling is a fundamental aspect many PR practitioners and marketers need to consider before implementing any form of publicity for new products or content. It is a key factor which determines whether your campaign will be successful or not. Our panel of experts shared their experience on how to make a story more compelling and to increase its success. Some of the tips included:
•    Know exactly who your target audience is and what platforms they’re active on.
•    To cut through the crowded media landscape, your content needs to be funny and clever.
•    Content also needs to be something people can remember easily and relate to.
•    You must align your strategy with the brand identity.
•    Storytelling must be consistent across all platforms (website, marketing materials, social media etc).

Blackmores PR Manager Amy, said consumers should be faced with consistent message across your advertising, in-store displays and on social media channels. She also highlighted the fact that the way in which the audience digests the information is paramount to success. She provided the example of Blackmore’s recently revamped website, they have found that by making their website more visual and content rich, their online audience and engagement has increased.

Managing Director of Guardian Australia, Ian added that it’s important to put your consumer at the centre and consider what they would want to see and read about, as well as making your content clear. Ian emphasised the importance of sounding authentic as a publication, and to make it clear to the reader which content is paid or not.

The internet has changed the nature of storytelling and as a result the media landscape has also been impacted. Ian says this means “everyone is doing everything”, and brands now have access to multiple programs to create their own content, just like media outlets can. Amy added to this and said the changing media landscape means companies now need to stay on top of news and quickly create, as well as distribute information to their followers.

The Digital Managing Editor of Young Women’s Titles at Bauer Media, Emily, said the internet has enabled plenty of opportunities for content to be published. She emphasised the importance of making pitches succinct and direct, and said to be clear about your angle, and who your audience is. Emily noted you should also make sure your pitch is not generic, and tailor it to the specific medium it’s aimed at – familiarise yourself with the site before you pitch.

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