Social Media Strategies

Friday 12th October 2012 03:44pm
By Networx Sydney

This month’s Networx event; ‘Social Media Strategies’ (October, The Shelbourne Hotel) focused on how to make social media work for your company or client, with our speakers discussing the best online platforms and strategies for promoting different brands and things to be wary of when taking your brand online.

The panel included: Social Media Analyst and Partner at SR7, James Griffin, Owner and Creative Director of The Messenger Group, Lisa Messenger, Digital Head of Text 100, Karalee Evans, and Douglas Nicols, Owner and Creative Partner at The Works.

Our speakers shared insights on the best ways for brands to properly utilise social media to build brand image, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between.

James Griffin discussed one of the hottest topics in social media right now; how to deal with negative feedback. He advised our guests not to ignore negative feedback and to follow the rule of three A’s: Acknowledge, Act and Advise. More often than not they’re complaining for a reason so it’s better to resolve the issue than ignore it!

It was great to hear Lisa Messenger’s personal account of how she promoted herself on social media. She emphasised the importance of creating a conversation between your brand and the audience, asking for opinions and interacting with your followers will help to keep them involved and interested.

Some more great advice came from Karalee Evans who reminded us that it’s important to be transparent when using sponsors and ambassadors to promote brands via social media. It’s also vital to remember that anything you post online can be accessed easily; even posts that you’ve deleted can be found in no time at all.

Douglas Nicols gave an in-depth recount of the process his team used when developing the ACT Tourism’s ‘The Human Brochure’ campaign. He explained that by inviting 500 people to visit Canberra and share their opinions on social media they will be creating an online brochure of real thoughts and experiences that could influence others to visit Australia’s Capital Territory.

The night was a success with our guests taking the chance to question our speakers on important hot topics such as the changes to Facebook regulations and the social media ‘troll’ inciting action against brands and media personalities online.

Thank you to our speakers for sharing their expertise and thank you to our guests for attending, we look forward to seeing you at the next event in November.