Marketing Trends 2014

Monday 9th December 2013 06:30pm
By Networx Sydney

Our final Networx event for the year, held at the Tilbury Hotel on Monday 9th of December, had us talking about the highlights of 2013, and considering industry trends for 2014. 

Our expert panel consisted of recently appointed Mumbrella editor, Alex Hayes; business futurist and innovation expert, Craig Rispin; and founding partner & executive creative director at BWM, Rob Belgiovane. Our speakers shared their advice and insights, offering communication and marketing professionals ways to prepare for the year ahead.   Our panel discussed, and all agreed, that content and PR were important in 2013, and that the coming year will see a continued focus on data, storytelling, integrity and authenticity.    Alex Hayes spoke about current topics trending on Mumbrella, and stated that a hot debate at the moment was around work/life balance. He also spoke about gender equality issues affecting the industry, commenting that there are even fewer female CMOs then CEOs. In response to an audience question about the future of Facebook, Alex commented that Facebook is likely to go through different cycles, like any business. He also recommended South by Southwest as a key event for discovering future trends.   Futurist Craig Rispin told us that 2013 was the first year that major brands hired data scientists, and that there is massive potential for brands to use this data to create a human connection. Craig predicted the death of radio, newspapers and commercial television and stated that social media will continue to lead the way. Supporting this is the fact that 50% of all his engagements come through LinkedIn. Craig described futurists as reverse historians, peering over the horizon to try and make better decisions today. Both he and Rob spoke about the future possibilities of 3D printing – which range from printing aeroplanes, to body parts.   Rob Belgiovane shared detailed insights into what the consumer will want in 2014, commenting that the way forward is being able to create advertisements that are authentic. Since people trust their friends and relatives a lot more then they trust advertisements, in 2014 it is ever important to get people talking about the brand. In order to create more integrated campaigns, advertising, PR, digital and experiential agencies need to work together. Rob also commented that clients enjoy dealing with one person, and that there is an argument to be made for agencies having a number of services in-house. Identifying and attracting the best people for your team, and centralising them in a meaningful way is crucial for agencies.   Rob also mentioned that we should have a great break over Christmas and we’ll come back in the New Year 50% more productive. Sounds good!   We would like to thank our guest panel for sharing some fantastic insights, as well as our guests who attended. We hope that you enjoy the New Year break and look forward to seeing you at Networx in 2014.
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