Look who's talking about your generation!

Friday 29th May 2009 04:37pm
By Networx Sydney

We would just like to thank everyone for coming to our Networx event held on Wednesday, May 27 at the Shelbourne Hotel.

The event provided not only great tips and strategies for marketing to specific generations but also provided a chance to mingle with other professionals in the marketing industry.

Our terrific speakers Kirsty Brockhoff , Chris Cormack and Aldous Massie contributed to an insightful discussion about generation marketing and we hope you all got a lot out of it.

Kirsty Brockhoff, Marketing and PR Manager at Cue gave fantastic examples  of how they have successfully targeted women ranging from Generation Y to the Baby Boomers.

Meanwhile, The Senior Agency’s Chris Cormack showed us just how influential the often over looked Baby Boomers really are.

Finally, Aldous Massie, the ‘Gen Y’ representative gave his opinion on how marketers can better appeal to a younger generation and provided examples of corporations doing it well (and those doing it not so well!).

As the video highlights are now up online from the event we would like to thank everyone again for coming and hope to see you at our next Networx event in June.

Please click here to see the video highlights from our June event.

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