Experiential Marketing - Bringing your brand experience to life

Thursday 3rd September 2015 01:11pm
By Networx Sydney

Bringing a Brand experience to life’ was the focus of our recent Networx in Sydney. It featured a panel of industry experts who shared their successful strategies for creating impactful events and experiences. The discussion ranged from tips on amplifying events through social media, to securing attendance and creating a brand connection with guests and attendees.

The speakers included Jackie Frank, Group Publisher of Fashion and Health, at Pacific Magazines; Kate Russell, Regional Community Manager NSW and ACT, of lululemon athletica; and Katerina Pitsikas, Director and Producer of Kat & Co, specialist events company.

There are a multitude of reasons for organisations to do events and experiential campaigns. Group Publisher of Fashion and Health, Pacific Magazines, Jackie, said there are many reasons to host events, such as a branding exercise where you convey a particular message or position a brand as an authority, or collaboration with an advertising partner. However, she warned “it is important events aren’t just for the sake of simply having an event.” Regional Community Manager of lululemon athletica Kate highlighted, “with every event, it’s important to create a connection, an engagement, and make people feel like you’re doing something that’s genuine.”

Extensive planning is crucial in ensuring events run smoothly. Director and Producer of Kat & Co, Kat, said she worked for six months to plan the Prix De Marie Claire Awards. The first few months consist of brainstorming and evolving creative ideas. The following months comprise of figuring out how to amplify every element without going over the budget, and in the last month Kat refines the strategies.

Our panel shared their top tips for creating a great event:

  • Have the right people in the room – your guests will create powerful word of mouth and social media
  • The event invitation needs to create a 'wow’ factor– something to make people want to show up
  • An event, no matter how large or small, needs to feel intimate
  • There needs to be good food and enough alcohol for everyone
  • Finally, it’s great to have an element of mystery which will keep the audience guessing and anticipating.

Jackie said events must connect with people and reflect the brands or partnerships involved. Every person involved in the planning processmust know their purpose, the brand they are there to represent, and be kept in the loop. This includes things as simple as the waiter knowing what food they’re serving, to what the event is about.

When it comes to amplifying an event, Jackie said social media is the “easiest way to generate buzz” and “every event must have a hashtag”. She placed emphasis on the attendees and their ability to magnify your reach by capturing and hash tagging moments or products. However you must create something worthy of being captured, this could be a stylish food display or even a statement flower arrangement.

Kate agreed that social media is a fantastic way to amplify reach; however she doesn't rely on it for her events. lululemon is a brand which focuses on building authentic relationships that are face-to-face, and creates events to elevate and inspire the community. This includes Yoga at the Sydney Festival and Wanderlust.

Securing attendance is one of the most important measures of successin an event. Kat said that it's important to bring a degree of anticipation, there needs to be a teaser and "building a degree of excitement for the event". The attendees need to feel as though they “can’t miss out on this.” Jackie added that it's important to always define an events beginning and end time, so that attendees know what time they can expect to be back in the office.

When asked for what made an event memorable, they all shared how it was all about connection.

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