Digital Revolution - Is Traditional Media Dead? - Event Video

Thursday 2nd April 2009 06:08am
By Trent Steel

Thank you for those of you who attended our Networx event last night. Please check out the video below for the highlights from last night’s panel.

Click here to see the highlights from the Digital Revolution - is Traditional Media Dead? Networx Event.

About the Event:

It's not just politicians, celebrities and brands who are harnessing the power of social media. Twitterers, bloggers, podcasters and Facebook users from more than 80 countries are getting behind Earth Hour in unprecedented numbers to say they will 'vote Earth' and resist climate change.

Whilst Earth Hour's online "friends" might be saving the world, there are plenty of people out there who still haven't joined the social networking party. If you're yet to create a Facebook profile, navigate the blogosphere or understand Twitter, our April Networx will enlighten you!

We're delighted to welcome three talented online aficionados to our panel:

Asher Moses, Technology reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald and former Young Online Journalist of the Year. 

Rae Mozejko, Senior Account Manager at Communicator Interactive, the marketing company responsible for the mobile component of the 2007 Smirnoff Experience campaign.

Phil Beringer, the Brand Manager at Snack Brands Australia responsible for the 'Samboy is Back' re-launch.

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