Creating Buzzworthy Events

Tuesday 25th March 2014 01:19pm
By Networx Sydney

Creating Buzzworthy Events, held on March 25 at the York Keller – Bavarian Bier Cafe, featured a panel of industry experts discussing their insights into the logistics of creating standout events, what you should expect events to deliver for your brand, and the the importance of obtaining media coverage and generating social buzz.

Our panel of industry experts included David Grant, Director of David Grant Pty Ltd; Alexis Green, Communications Manager at Clinique; and Jonathon Moran, News Editor of Entertainment at the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs.

The panel all agreed that events are important for creating brand engagement and building consumer relationships.

Alexis Green spoke about the role of events in Clinique’s marketing strategy, stating that events ultimately create consumer relationships with the brand. According to Alexis, successful events are sharp, sweet and embody the brand. They should also push the envelope in terms of creative ideas, in order to stand out. Having worked with a number of high-profile celebrities,  she commented that choice of celebrity was extremely important, since it can be polarising for your audience, and that it’s important to consider their loyalty to the brand. Alexis believes that social media is a hugely important component of the current events landscape and suggested creating an environment for the ‘perfect’ photo at events.  When asked what her best piece of advice was, she told us we must pay attention to detail and be super organised.

David Grant offered unique insights into events ranging from large to small scale. He said creating an element of culture, rather than having a cookie cutter event, was the key to success, and spoke about several events in which he had partnered with artists – from dancers to painters – to create something truly unique. David commented that rather than spending your budget on celebrity appearances, which can be very expensive, that money may be better spent on creating a creating an experience for guests that they will remember. He advised us to think carefully about how you spend your money, ensuring you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Jonathon Moran shared his experience as an entertainment writer, advising us to really think about the event and what you can do to make it stand out. Anything can get a story and it’s up to us, as PRs and marketers, to work with journalists to provide them with something newsworthy. He placed importance on celebrity appearances because they provide a great topic to write about, but warned us that he could gauge if there was no authenticity. Jonathon’s biggest tip for us was to nurture relationships with journalists, through sharing information and of course, honesty.

Overall the night was a great success, with our panel providing fantastic insights into the events industry from three quite distinct perspectives.


We hope you will join us on the 6th of May for our next Networx event, which will be  on social media.


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