A - Z of Content Marketing

Wednesday 13th November 2013 04:03pm
By Networx Sydney

Our Networx event this month (November, 12, The Shelbourne Hotel) explored the world of content marketing – looking at whether content really is king, and just what it can do for your brand. Our panellists shared their experiences in creating and implementing effective content marketing campaigns, and offered some tips on developing successful strategies.

The panel included: PPR Australia’s Director of Content, Peter O’Sullivan; RaboDirect Australia’s Content Marketing Manager, Gareth Lathey; Digital Marketing Manager at Lorna Jane, Jessie Dean and Paul Ford, Director at King Content.

Our speakers all agreed that content marketing isn’t about ‘selling’. Instead it is about creating an engaging and honest conversation with your audience. They also commented that the key to generating user-friendly content (that is sticky and shareable) is to ensure that content is relevant, engaging and authentic, and most importantly, that it adds value to your audience’s experience.

Peter O’Sullivan told our audience that there is an exciting opportunity for PR practitioners and agencies to own the rapidly growing content space, with their existing expertise in storytelling and engaging journalists, without hard-selling a product.

Gareth Lathey spoke about RaboDirect’s approach to content, and responded to the question of ROI and sales by noting that there are numerous benefits to a brand in effective content marketing. These can include improving the quality of conversation that a brand has with its audience, and thus for example, streamlining the customer service process.

Jessie Dean spoke about Lorna Jane’s website Move Nourish Believe and their focus as a brand, on producing content that is relevant to their target audience. Content ranges from healthy eating to skin care, and is shared across platforms ranging from Facebook to Snapchat, to encourage ongoing conversation with customers. Jessie also spoke to the importance of listening to your audience, and using their interests to inform content.

Paul Ford emphasised that after establishing the objectives for a campaign, a focus on the quality of content is vital. To create content that can really live on social, brands need to remember that audiences won't share content that doesn't add value to their own network. Paul also spoke on the importance of technology and tools to amplify content, to ensure it is being seen, and to monitor how it is received.

Thanks to our speakers for their time and expertise, and to our guests – we hope to see you at our December Networx event, ‘Marketing Trends 2014’!